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Build great projects with the Universal Square

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MagnoGrip Quick Snap Magnetic Tape Holder
MagnoGrip is a manufacturer of America’s #1 magnetic
wristband. Their magnetic wrist bands are built to satisfy
the requirements of the Do-It Yourselfer, Home Craft
Enthusiast, Hobbyist, Carpenter, Mechanic and
Professional Tradesman.



The MagnoGrip Quick Snap Magnetic Tape Measure Holder is built to provide fast access to your tape measure. With Quick Snap, not only are you able to easily “snap off” or “snap on” your tape measure, but you are also able to stick it to metal surfaces such as steel beams, ladders, tool boxes, pipes and ducts. Making it possible to take difficult measurements without requiring a second person to hold the other end of the tape measure.


Quick Snap is designed to work with ALL tape measures weighing 1.2 lbs or less and the best feature of all is that the Quick Snap system doesn’t require you to make ANY changes to your existing tape measure. Thus you have the option of using your tape measure the way you’ve always used it or using it the Quick Snap Way!





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Quick Snap Tape Holder  $17.99
The Universal Square

  from D-Unique Tools
       Simplifies dozens of carpentry
   tasks, for faster, easier, and
  BETTER results!
Universal Square Info
Magnetic Nail Pouch

  from MagnoGrip
  No more lost fasteners and
   tools, keeps them secure
MagnoGrip Nail Pouch Info
Quick Snap
Tape Holder