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Build great projects with the Universal Square
Magnetic Nail Pouch

  from MagnoGrip
  No more lost fasteners and
   tools, keeps them secure
MagnoGrip Nail Pouch Info

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Built from durable, lightweight aluminum and designed with builders in mind, The Universal Square is a valuable tool that no tool box should be without! Simplifying the tasks of dozens of other carpentry tools and aiding in efficient and accurate layout of wall partitions are just some of the features this versatile tool offers.

Use The Universal Square to yield professional results with ease, to save time and make fewer mistakes. Here are some of the many features of this easy-to-use tool offers:



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Universal Square  $14.00
Quick Snap Tape Holder
MagnoGrip Quick Snap Tape Holder Info
from MagnoGrip
Provides fast access
to your tape measure