D-Unique Tools Universal Square

D-Unique Tools Universal Square

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The Most efficient Tool for Working Layouts for Walls, Rafters, Angles and Studs

Easy-to-Use Layout Tool for Professionals & DIY

The Universal Square is a durable, versatile tool that simplifies dozens of carpentry task and helps save up to 70% on wall framing layout time. This tool is beneficial for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, efficiently and accurately aiding in the layout of walls, rafter, angles, and studs.

The Universal Square aids in efficient and accurate layouts simplify dozens of carpentry tasks and is constructed of high-quality lightweight aluminum. All units come with an easy to understand instruction manual.

  • Designed for all conventional lumber
  • Exact width of a 2x4, Scribes half of a 2x4
  • Two pivot points for rafters and angles
  • Squares windows and doors
  • Saw Guide for Circular Saw
  • Helping hand for holding a tape measure and snapping a chalk line
  • Easy to carry around on job site
Note: Due to the high demand for this product, please allow 5-7 days for shipping

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