Universal Square

About the Universal Square

A Time-Saving Layout Tool By D-Unique Tools


The Universal Square is a durable, versatile tool that simplifies dozens of carpentry task and helps save up to 70% on wall framing layout time. This tool is beneficial for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, efficiently and accurately aiding in the layout of walls, rafter, angles, and studs.

Product Details:

Built from durable, lightweight aluminum and designed with builders in mind, The Universal Square is a valuable tool that no toolbox should be without! Simplifying the tasks of dozens of other carpentry tools and aiding in efficient and accurate layout of wall partitions are just some of the features this versatile tool offers.

Use The Universal Square to yield professional results with ease, to save time and make fewer mistakes.

Here are some of the many features of this easy-to-use tool offers:

Designed for all conventional lumber.

The exact width of a 2x4.

Saw guide for circular saw.

Squares windows and doors.

Simplifies the seat cut.

Scribes half of a 2x4

Has two pivot points for rafters and angles.

Transfers anchor bolt locations without using a tape measure.

Mark outer walls, and aid in a corner and middle partition wall layouts.

A helping hand for holding a tape measure and snapping a chalk line.

Ideal for many home improvement and do-it-yourself projects.

Easy to carry around on the job site


How to get the most out of the Universal Square


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Height 7.75in
Width 3.5in
Depth 4.5in
Max Circumference 12In
Weight 0.75lbs
Tool Type Hand Tool